Friday, May 29, 2009

why do people tend to hide their feelings

why do humans need to hide their feelings? It sounds very weird to me sometimes but not entirely cos' me, myself also do that time to time. But seriously i really don't understands sometimes, for example, you had that strong feelings towards that particular person but instead of telling him/her, you tend to hide the feelings towards them. If u care for that someone or you still cannot let go of them, you tend to lie to yourself plus juz to keep quiet and keep all the feelings to yourself. Why people do that? Is it because they're afraid of rejection or denial?

This matter happens to me and i really felt that it's so unfair while you simply judge a person by listening by other and u had some comment to put on but you can't say it out loud. No matter how hard that person wants to explain that they're not like that, they won't listen and they don't really care bout' what you want to say. Moreover, both parties knows bout the problem and it's like very hard to say it out sometimes, but either one of them does, the other sure deny that they had the same feelings.

By the time the first person loses the interests on him/her, only that time they'll try to express their feelings. It's a hard situation for the first person to decide whether to move on or continue standing there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

start up new life

Here i am finally blogging since i've started to work in a major company in cyberjaya where they block every access for facebook, friendster, etc etc... So, besides blogging i think there's nothing much to do lar. As my friend said, working here is not bad.. (as the salary is good.. plus is near to my house..20 minutes highway without traffic which is a good thing), still got alot of things to learn ahead which i think it's a never ending work for being to stop learning each day. For the past month been very difficult to me as i've ended a real nice relationship with a sweet girl. Sadly our road and destiny ends there.. and there's no more turning point back. Eventually i hope that she found someone better than i am and treat her as a queen, she deserved nothing but the best..
Ok, a new chapter begins on 9th May 2009. First time meeting her in person which makes me feels very uneasy at first cos' she's way too friendly than i thought.. but the fact is something happen before i met her.. so okay i excuse her for being so friendly to me.. ahakzz!! To more i get to know her the more i felt that she's nice in a way which i cannot explain.. But the fact is, i like her.. but not up to the stage where i want to jump into a relationship with her yet..i don't want her to feel that i take her as a replacement and me myself also don't know whether i'm taking her as a replacement for "her". So i rather take my time to get to know her longer and better. But yesterday comes another drama of the week, we went out for dinner and also then drinks with her cousin. Then when on the way home, she gave me a goodbye kiss on the lips (which i think it's very normal for Us ppl to do so, it's not a french) suddenly out came a guy from no where hit my car bonet and opened up my door and ask me to come out from the car. The problem is i had no idea who is that person and he knows her. At first her cousin told me that the guy was her brother, but in the end she said was her ex! Which suprised me alot! Why she didn't tell me in the first place.. where i can understand the situation and i really would like to help her.. Yesterday night, because of this problem i didn't get my sleep at all. Then i need to wake up at 6 in the morning, that time was 3 something. Oh my god, my face look like zombie.. and plus ... next time need to face the pc for 12 hours will kill me you know?
I think it's enough for me to talk craps now..