Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fast forward to 2017

I was figuring out for good 15 minutes what was my blog link, and it suddenly strikes me it was an emo title. How funny. To come to think back about the title you gave for your title of your blog. Sounds silly. Oh well, younger me wasn't that mature anyways, even now too. 

I was with K earlier, for a smoke break and waiting for Z to bring lunch pack for her. So we were talking about life and such and we went into the topic about camping coming Aug. She asked me to check on the flight schedule. I told her I am not quite sure if the company needs me to be back to PHL for the next on boarding. Anyways, K and the gang was planning to camp and celebrate my birthday. And there leads to another topic, so we were chatting about our previous birthdays together and how we celebrate. I admit that we are getting older, and tend to forget things. It is weird where I can only remember vaguely on my previous birhtdays until back to 2014. Whatever happens before 2014, i really cannot remember much.

Is it true that people tend to forget things? I am not like that. I do remember most things. Especially when it comes to memories. Or did I choose to remember selective memories instead? I realized that as times goes by, as I grow older, all I really want is to live life. And not work for life. I work for money, not for career. I want to be free of debt, but it seems like kinda impossible at times. Recently, I got my performance review and it has been done, I am looking forward for something else in job role. I hope my boss can allow this to happen as I do not want to stuck in one position again for another 5 years with no movement. I want to pursuit my happiness by doing something I like.

Memories are so precious at times. I believe i choose to remember things I wanted to. Because when I recall the incident that M gave me last 5 years ago, seems to be so fresh in my mind. I felt that it seems like yesterday when it happened. Which btw, M appeared again and disappear again. As how she left me past 5 years go. Sigh.

Right now, it seems nothing is more important than family, friends and MONEY. Yes MONEY. Call me realistic, but without money, you are not going anywhere. Here's the fun-fact, I jotting all these down because I realized that my tendency of remembering things are getting worst. Losing quite a bit of memories. Some are precious, some are meant to be forgotten.

All I wish for right now, is a clearer path for my current position and have it lock down so that everything will work well by then. Hopefully.

Until then, so far 2017 is treating me well enough. Please keep it coming. I need to move on.