Saturday, December 12, 2009

what are you thinking???

it's been one week you entered my company. okay , here's the thing..

Day 01

Me : working night shift.
You : first day report to work, in the afternoon. you sms-ed me telling me you finally here. keep on saying your desk there is very cold as the air-con was directly on top of you.
Me : end up came to work at 4pm , purpose, to see you, truth, and to give you my jacket.
You : suprised to see me and happy to see me.
Me : same thing. =]

Day 02

Me : working night again.
You : this time you called me everytime you break,lunch time u sms-ed me. Non-stop. asked me to come early to work.
Me : again i came to work around 6.
Us : head to makan at station one.. your treat.. haha

Day 03

Me : Off day
You : sms-ed me again
Me : replied your sms
You : off work around 6pm, then i called you to ask how is things, you mentioned that you're having dinner with your boyfriend, and you told me after heading home you want to find me. i said why, you answered just because you wanna see me. i agreed since you said you come to my house.
Us : ate dinner together, and unfortunately, you said you need to go home precisely 10.45pm. and then he called exactly that time.
Me : i felt that you like taking up the time with me as your boyfriend went to gym. dissapointed

Day 04

Me : Off day, but will have dinner with chevron's colleague together with my team lead
You : sms-ed me as usual, again.
Me : Came to office, fetch lita and joanne to seri kembangan for McD and met Karl and Hazarul in Mcd and also Shirley.
You : no respond after work, until around 8 something u sms-ed me saying that i never replied your sms (that is because my phone was barred)
Me : after dinner, evelyn called me and asked me to accompany her to drink, after Mcd session sent lita and joanne home, i top up my prepaid number and called you, but in the same time evelyn called my postpaid number, asked you to hold on, while i chat with evelyn on the other phone, then i accidently hanged up your call.
You : didn't call back.
Me : after talking with evelyn, decided to go second round with her.called you back, and you didn't picked up.
You : called me back after you saw my missed calls. then you were not in a very good tone with me
Me : asked u why ? you said i hang up your call because to talk with evelyn, and you angry of me because of this. sigh..

Day 05

You : sms me saying that you will go out with shirley they all to seri kembangan for lunch
Shirley : sms me also to tell me the same thing
Me : replied both you guys okie.. go ahead
You : kept on sms-ing me.
Me : same
You : sms-ed me when you reached home.
Me : called you around 6 something, you were sleeping
You : sms me back at 7 something, apologizing to me that you were asleep and didn't chat with me.
Me : replied it was okay.
You : kept on sms-ing me while you're having a gathering with your ex-colleagues. and you mention to me asking me to go breakfast with you tomorrow morning after my work
Me : same, reply your sms
You : until around 12 something, you called me, and said "suprise!! i call you to chat with you."
Me : really suprised why you do so.. that is SO not you.
You : your voice sounds very very tired,but refuse to hang up the call
Me : begged you to go sleep.
You : repeat, tomorrow breakfast with me okay?
Me : agreed..

So what the hell is going on again!?!
the story is more complicated that i thought.this is only the part of it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

window shopping

wah.. these two days are really tiring... went out for two straight days! shopping.. me and Mich went to shopping on friday and then on sat went to shop again... but window shopping with "her" wasn't that nice.. i went to shop with her and i chosed alot of clothes for her... and jeans too.. sigh i fail again... too bad..but i manage to see eve after shopping.. "she" didn't want to accompany me to see eve i dunno why.. but at last she followed me to meet her though.. hahaa.... well... i'm happy to see eve... hehhee.... thursday nite went to aloha.. OMg.. seriously, first time i kissed eve on the lips... it was weird but ... i was damn shy... the next day and coming days.. i think i have to forget wat happen that day.. geez!