Saturday, December 5, 2009

window shopping

wah.. these two days are really tiring... went out for two straight days! shopping.. me and Mich went to shopping on friday and then on sat went to shop again... but window shopping with "her" wasn't that nice.. i went to shop with her and i chosed alot of clothes for her... and jeans too.. sigh i fail again... too bad..but i manage to see eve after shopping.. "she" didn't want to accompany me to see eve i dunno why.. but at last she followed me to meet her though.. hahaa.... well... i'm happy to see eve... hehhee.... thursday nite went to aloha.. OMg.. seriously, first time i kissed eve on the lips... it was weird but ... i was damn shy... the next day and coming days.. i think i have to forget wat happen that day.. geez!

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