Sunday, November 29, 2009


fact is i don't understand why friends can betray you in a snap of a finger. just like that! it's like they treat you good when they want to and when they know someone else, they ignore you. this happens to me with one of my good friend. all the while, my character is, where i treat each and every friend with all my heart. i don't mind their background, what past they had and such.

how we got to know each other? well in short, her ex and my ex eventually got together and that's how we met.we're like brothers, family.but recently,when i broke up with my recent ex, my ex kept in touch with my friend, and that time my friend do have a gf which went to Switzerland for studies. then after a month or so, her gf from Switzerland called me, and ask me is her gf attach with my current ex, then i said i don't know and i ask her why she said so, then she told me that my friend called her up and ask for a break up and the excuse my friend gave her is that she does not have extra time for her, everytime busy with her studies and activities in school. Sounds abit irrational rite? then they broke up as the gf also having the time of her life in overseas.

then, my friend started to distance me. why i say so? cause last time our relationship can go up to the level where she called me up everyday and chat with me, i know it's because of her gf is not in town, so she needs a companion. we meet up times to times either she head down to cheras or i head to kepong to find her for drinks and chit chat. then for the past month, she rarely called, nor sms. when i sms her, she didn't reply, call her sometimes, she will said she is busy.

until recently, her ex from Switz,(actually me and her ex also can consider as friends,cause we used to hang out together) called me up middle of the night and ask me, "you know S and S are together?" i was in a blurrish situation, so i said why you said like that? then she told me that my ex load pics in facebook with my friend where they went to sarawak trip together(where my ex is a sarawakian) then i was stonned a while. i was totally awake that time, i said to my Switz friend, i seriously don't know whether they're together or not, but if they're, i don't mind though as both parties are singles. deep down i feel abit uneasy. that is of course no matter you love that person much or less, still you will feel disturb when your ex close with your friend esp close one, no?

So the summary is, i don't know whether my friend ignores me cause she is, THE FACT she is involved with my ex, or my ex bad mouthing me, or my ex brain-washed her, to distance me. it really breaks my heart to see a friend treating me like this where i lost another friend. i hate the fact that friends argue and hated each other. this only happens to those friends that i get to know outside from school. as for my high school friends, there's only one person that betrays me and we sorta argued and since then, we did not talk to each other. i really miss the time when everything is used to be, but what had past, let it be past. there's nothing much me or you can do unless friends really think that the friendship is worth to last,which i think it should be,but i've tried and she's the one that distance me, i've already done my part and now is her time to do her part correct? let's just wait.

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