Sunday, November 15, 2009

why u did that?

i tried so hard not to contact you anymore... yet today you contacted me and told me you're nearby my office.. i was suprised and happy but when i came to know that it was your boyfriend that brought you to cyberjaya is to just see where his office located and even so gentleman to show you where my office as well.. so gentleman of him. then you ask me out for drink, TOGETHER WITH UR BOYFRIEND? come on, i got one experience b4 when we came back from our langkawi trip he drove you and you INSIST me to tag along! u know how bad does it feels? i bet you don't understand at all how the feeling is though. sighh

Please...if you're happy with your life now.. please don't drag me along with your boyfriend there with you .. as you want the whole world to know that you're one happy woman. Everyone knows that, but doesn't mean everyone (me) want to face the reality. hearing and seeing is TWO different things.. i can hear news how happy you are, i will feel happy, but seeing, sorry,been there and it hurts like hell and i don't want to see again.

good luck to you my love.. enjoy your life!

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