Saturday, November 14, 2009

a girl with attitude

let me tell you a story about this girl. She has a cute smile with attracting eyes, she's not that tall(shorter than me a lil) and a bit chubby. i met her in Thai Club. she was a friend of a friend's friend. understand? =.=

anyways, i forgot how i got her number, but i guess i got her msn first then only i got her number. and coincidently that day was on 24th oct 2009. the day i went to langkawi, so anyways, after trip i got like whole damn week off, and i seriously do not know where to go. i checked my phone book, until then only i realized that there's no one to call out for movies or anything. Kinda pathetic huh? oh well, out of sudden only i realized this girl's i decided to sms her. As i aspected, she replied! So on and on we sms-ed each other until 2 something in the morning, then she suddenly did not reply me already so i thought that maybe she's asleep, and in the morning, when i was sleeping i received her sms, and i was right she was dozed-off. haha. Anyways, i wanted to watch jennifer's body at that time when my ex, told me ..PROMISED me that she will watch this movie with me, but she did not. So, i asked this girl whether she wants to catch a movie together and she replied me YES again. Hence, i did ask her for dinner as well, as she off work and then i will meet her at her house. Again coincidently, she's staying directly behind of my current ex's house that condominium. I was seriously shocked!

This couldn't be that coincident right? anyways, fetch her from her house, there.. that is the first time i see her, with normal lighting, not like in Thai Club with beer and tipsy condition rite? I admit, She is kinda good looking.(meaning in Thai Club, i wasn't tipsy enough) so we head to Kim Gary in Sunway grab our dinner and went for the movie.

That day was fun outing with her, she's cute, though she's younger than me one year.. but i felt good and frankly speaking i do have some good impression on her but i did not tell her that. I do not want to freaked her out. Anyways, after that, we did not meet each other up, but we do keep in touch with sms-ing each other. It's nice knowing this girl.. What's her name? EVE.

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