Tuesday, March 18, 2014


When was the last time you said "enough" to yourself?

Have you ever wonder about that? I honestly feel like being used too much.

When you really want to be nice to everyone, then only you found out which actually everyone is not as nice as they seems

To all of you , it may sound normal, but to me, I really feel like I cannot accept the term of "friends with benefits"

What is this term actually ? I had always thought that this term is for your friends to take advantage of your kindness , taking advantage of you as in keep asking you to fetch them around, treat them dinner etc etc la

Little that i know , there is another term for that "friends with benefits" and apparently this is happening everyday. Surprisingly , I will say I am quite surprise to know the fact that people , MAN OR WOMEN, besides the normal "friends with benefits" term, that is also involves SEX! Mind you , this is extremely disturbing (to me) I cannot have sex with one person without feelings. 

No matter , it is a fling, and infatuation or whatever you can name it, you still have feelings towards that one person before you move into the bed .

So, now, I am not being a hypocrite here. My main reason writing this blog is to blur out what is on my mind. As I mentioned, if I like that person , then yes, that is of course I would love to spend time with that person , and of course hoping the person feel the same

I can do fling, but not for long, because I know myself and my heart. It will grow towards that person. 

Plus an additional point, I felt that I was not exposed to this kind of people around me, and I still find it amazeball~ lol.. But honestly, I do not think I am up for it. I might play along for a while, then I will definitely stop it when it is time.

Please , if you are a genuine nice person, please be nice to others and please do not play with people's heart and mind

From the start, I never disclaim I am a nice person, nor a good girlfriend. I am still playful as always, still roaming my heart to everyone. 

But enough is enough. I do not want to have friends like that around me.