Sunday, September 30, 2012

Complicated Stage

This is a story from a story i have read somewhere.
Imagine this, you are a person which have alot of love to give out. Also, you are such a lucky bitch to have so many people to give their love to you as well. So, here comes another person, jumps into your life again. This time around, this person is way elder than you can imagine. 11 years gap. The chemistry between you two is amazing. Nothing like mother daughter feeling. However it will not feel that way as well, she could be your sister, like what you have with your siblings. When that person is around your age now, you are only in high school doing some stupid high school girls would do. Never gone through your mind you would have such feelings.

Anyways, so this person is married , with 4 kids, does not sleep with the husband anymore. She was titled as a "Trophy Wife." So , you get to know her from those standard social network nowadays, its so easy to know a person, but meeting up is likewise. Had a few chat, sounded like flirty and such. Then as normal exchanging numbers is of course. Then that continue with text messages and exchanging calls. The feelings is right and wrong at the same time. Most complicated part is , She is with a Girl at the same time. Complicated enough?

You guys did some text messages, and things were fine, until she told you up regarding about her relationship with her girlfriend is falling apart as well. So what now? What was she thinking? As a normal person, comforting a sad person is normal. But indeed, you feel like she's old enough to know what is she doing, so you will just make assumption which she just need a friend to talk to, so you just comfort her without feeling anything else. But as days goes by, little that you know, your feelings towards her is changing from a stranger to someone you call friend. From a friend, it changed and became someone like you feel important, regardless she have a girlfriend or husband.

One day, you guys were texting and you jokingly said feel like having ice cream. And surprisingly she said,"let's go!" You were stunned for a while , but you went out anyway, the meet up was awkward. Because she asked you to park your car somewhere , and she will be fetching you from there. In your mind, was thinking alot of bullshit "what if this person is a serial killer , or a man -slaughter, i will be a dead meat going into her car? Or for all you know, she is not SHE , is HE!?" You took precaution though, you parked your car somewhere there's people, and stayed inside your car. Out of sudden, a huge MPV approached and stopped behind your car, and you received a text, " I'm behind you." Your mind is running all sorts of crazy stuff like being abducted and murdered, but you still picked up your guts and came out from your car and open her MPV front door. To your surprise, it was really a woman, small size and very beautiful indeed. She smiled at you, you instantly melt. Your heart and mind had an ease, it was alright. So headed up and went into a drive through McD and ordered ice cream, she ordered two ice cream. Meeting up with her seriously gave you the awkward moment. You thought will be hanging out at McD instead of going through the drive through. So after picking up your ice cream, ended up having the ice cream in the car. Had chit chats about her girls and the husband and most of the time is talking about her girlfriend. She loves her girlfriend a lot. So you wouldn't think that much. It was more like a friend. After some couple of hours, there comes those cops doing rounding. So she suggested we move on to somewhere, and you guys ended up at a 24 hours cafe, and continue chat. She was looking at you directly into your soul, and believe it or not, she's like know how to describe a person by judging their face features. She straight away can tell you what type of person are you. You were amazed how true it was. The conversation lasted until 3AM, you are getting tired, and mentioned needed to head off,so she fetch you back to your car, you said goodbye to her, but she keep on asking " is that all?" you just nodded and got down the car. Moment you went into the car, you were thinking, what does she means by that?

So , from the the scenario, what is your next step?

P/S:  This story is just a make up story, an scenario... which pops up in my mind. Does not apply to reality..  I guess I watch too many dramas. And would like to become a script writer for a Complicated Stage. haha! Let your mind do the rest of the story.