Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Eve before Malaysia marks the day as History

Today is the day. Today mark the very important day, a day before polling day. This is what most Malaysian are looking for. A vote to change for a better Malaysia. The government has been done damage enough to our beloved country. We should start standing and make our vote counts. Stop complaining over social media stating the government is not doing anything but corruption. Becoming a keyboard warrior, but the fact that they did not register themselves as a legit voter. We want to make things better for Malaysia. 

In this very moment, people are starting to gather together. You will not see any races, any religion or any differences in the country, we are coming as ONE. Becoming ONE to mark tomorrow as a final fight for our beloved country.

I hope that every Malaysian will cast their vote wisely. We had enough with the current situation of the country. Yes, we might have difficulties at first, slowly but surely we will strive to be a better nation. Together we stand, together we fight!

#inikalilah #ubah #GE14  

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