Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BMMB customer sucks!

i got fucked up nicely for like fucking 29 minutes from this fucking customer regarding BMMB bank.. saying this is a shitty bank how come my atm card cannot be read, tried multiple atm machines still unable to read.

i kindly told this fucked up customer that it could be his chip got problem.. then he continue to bombat me 99 on the phone like it is my fault that causes his card unable to read. scolding me like hell. then he stupid until wants me to send this recorded conversation and send to BMMB bank big boss about this. (i was thinking in my heart, are u idiot or stupid calling a helpdesk to send to the big boss for this small matter) such an idiotic.

in the end, he bombat finish, i told him if u wan me to lodge a report regarding this issue, i need his particular.and guess wat? he bom bat me again saying he won't give me his particular not that i can help him solved his problem now! OMG..!!! that time i really feel like wanna kill this idiot... but i still keep myself calm and polite.too bad i din not get his informations.. if not i would have someone hired to kill that mother fucker!!!!!!!

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  1. CHILL la dude...biasala..aku kena sekali pun..stupid idiots..