Tuesday, February 16, 2010

two person once a couple but bumped into them with each other couples!

16th Feb 2010

Now I'm at baby's cousin house in Alam Damai. Before that Krys a.k.a my slut came and find me and we went to Tmn Mutiara Station One for a drink or two along with Mable (slut's pup). Was enjoying the time alot.. Then later, while i was playing FB, suddenly, i looked around, i notice someone very familiar.. and who?? It was sting and susan. It was surprised for me to bumped into them even in cheras. I thought that they won't come to cheras. Cos' both of them now staying in Sunway. Weird for them to come all the way down here for a drink with Pei San and also her GF. I don't think that they saw me anyways.

I called baby and ask her to tag along with us for a drink cos i missed her alot. then she was at alam damai. then she came to meet me around 15 mins. i felt very happy to see her though... =]

After a short while, my slut wanted to head home to fetch her mum. So paid the bill then later we head back to alam damai, while driving through to the Tmn Midah round about, another surprised! bumped into elcey and snowy was driving next to us, elcey was driving like a mad cow.. Haha...!! in one day and around the same time, i saw two person once a couple at the same time and it felt very weird to me... hahahhahaa... anyways, happy holidays y'all

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