Friday, February 12, 2010

new year new life....

it's been long time i did not update my lil' old blog of mine... I'm not really a blogger cause' i those classic type whereby i still keep my old diary and time to time i do write. Alright let's start from last year's last month of the year 2009. I was still in a mess that time, with T. But anyways, got to know few new friends through Josephine, was Michelle Lim and Evelyn( the girl I actually mentioned 'bout on my previous blog.) Anyways, I also missed out this one little woman that I did not mentioned. =]

Her name is Nikie. We knew each other practically from Michelle, because it was her that brought out Nikie on one fine day outing in Aloha together with Evelyn. So that's how we met and knew each other. Nothing much happened on that day as that time I had feelings towards Eve.(as in good impression.) So, we hanged out that day, it was fun. Later on, I've added Nikie through Facebook, and then one fine day i saw her online through FB chat, so i just clicked on her name and just trying to have a little chit chat with her. My first impression on her was, very outgoing and sporting type of person. Nothing more.. In fact, she scares me a little. The way she bring herself in the club. =P

Okie, then after the first outing with them, i manage to get nikie's msn as well as her phone number. So, the following week if I'm not mistaken, I was sitting at Station One, alone surfing the net, suddenly my phone rang. To be surprised, it was Nikie that called me. I answered the call and she asked me to head to TC to join them for drinking session. I told her that I do not want to head down to KL as I'm actually a little bit lazy driving all the way downtown just for a drink or two, but Nikie insist me to tag along, as always, i gave in. So i head back to home get dressed and head to town. Met them, had a drink or two, that time I wanted to head there to see Eve. But eventually, Nikie and I talked more than Eve and I. Strange huh? Tell about it...

I do not want to go into details about what happened on that night, but me and Nikie clicked right away that night( as in we can actually talk to each other about anything at all)

The following day, we actually sms-ed each other for the whole day. Don't ask me how or why, it just happened. We basically chat bout general stuffs, but i like sms-ing with her.. =P

So on Xmas eve, i've no place to head to, then Amanda asked me out for a drink at Station One. So we went there and some little chatting, then my slut called me up and ask me to meet her up at OUG. I told Amanda that i want to head there. We went our own way, and reached OUG and going to spent my time with my slut, her hubby and her family. When it's 12 am sharp, I don't know why, i called up Nikie, and wished her Merry Christmas. To my surprise, I was able to call her and actually able to call in to her number, cause normally,in festive season, NORMALLY you are freaking hard to call or even sms someone cause everyone will be doing the same thing at the same time. So consider lucky i can actually, can called her up and wish her. =]

Xmas day,

T bought me a perfume, Burberry Brit, and i bought her Chanel. I was still jiwang over her that time, so i asked her whether she got any plans, and as i know she did had plans later on, so basically, I'm free for the whole nite. I saw Nikie was online in msn, so , we chatted and out of sudden, she said she wanted to go for a movie. I said since i'm free, why dun we go together, i was jokingly telling her, but to be surprised, she said okay. So, after work, i went to Cineleisure to meet her up. The scenario was a bit awkward, cause this is the first time we go out without Mich and also Eve along. I was a little bit afraid of her anyways, so we headed here and there for simple window shopping while waiting for the time for our movie starts.

So that was our first outing. That time, i was feeling a strange feelings but i don't really bother about that feelings cause, i still have something with T where i haven't let go of her yet. So, after that outing, i got one whole week off , Denise asked me to join her to Penang for working. So i did.
When i was on the way to Penang, Amanda called so does Nikie. Basically both this women was sms-ing and calling me. Well it keeps me busy anyways. So when i was in Penang, all i thought of the get some biscuits and again i do not know why, i wanted to get something for Nikie. I told her that over the phone.

On 31st Dec 09,

I gave myself deadline for T, i told myself that i really cannot go on hanging to will never come back to me.

New Year Begins, 010110

So after 4 days tiring in Penang, was on the way back, Nikie actually asked me to accompany her to go for a massage. FULL body massage. I'm not a fan of massage, but eventually YET again i gave in and agree to go with her. So while we were heading home, Denise actually say wanted to go for massage then for a drink with her god -"mother" at EL GEE. So the very first thing i sms Nikie asking she wanted to join or not. She agreed, so after i've done my massage (leg) then we head to EL GEE. Denise brought out a new friend, name Joeann. While waiting for Nikie actually, my heart was beating fast as i feel like wanted to meet her soon. Finally, she arrived. So we drank beer and play stuffs, then there's a section whereby Denise actually dare me and Nikie to kissed eat other. Both of us say NO at first, and Nikie did dare back Denise to french with a GUY. And she DID! So denise ask her to French with me, i was being forced to the corner, and i have no choice to french with her. (that time i was a little bit blur and tipsy already) The kissed did not lasted long. She retrieved. Reason, Do not know.

Then Denise asked Joeann to choose among three of us to french, i was standing beside joeann, Jo was thinking and out of SUDDEN!, She frenched with me~! surprising!!!! And after we french, she practically all over me. And i just act dumb. Nikie was suppose to fetch me home, but in the end i told her that Denise will fetch me home instead.Joeann kept on sticking to me. I do not know why she's acting like that.

Anyways, the very next day Nikie and I went to BODY massage. After massage, we head for movies. Later after movies we head to sanctuary for a drink, she Disturb me cos' i told her i don't really dance.

Long story cut short, we done quite some outings together, and eventually we had some feelings towards each other and she actually confessed to me that she likes me. We went from probation period until there's one day we actually argued and we both wanted to be together but both of us are afraid. But on the 6th of Feb 2010, we eventually opened up everything and now we're officially together.

Up to date, we're okay so far so good. She bought me a watch where i actually so happy cos' she bought me something that i needed.

Nikie baby, i heart you~!!

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