Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Idiotic ADYWE...

Why i always hurt people's feelings without my knowing... i've not much left in me to give out... family... friends and dear ones...

i'm really sorry to let u guys down again... and again... i do not want this to happen again...

But what i'm trying to say is that i don't know what time and when i might take my own life.. it's juz something that i need to write down this thing ... but i hope whoever reads this please don't scold me.. i'm having the worst time ever... and it's not because of relationship... it's all because of for who you may say?or

love for my friends,

the closest friends and my dear friends,

high school's friends, krys, su ann, stacy,poh yee,esther, kian...

you've been there for me since when we're in high school time..
it's has been wonderful 9 nine years knowing you.
i still can remember we were school enemies..
until we knew that we're placed inside one class, everything changes
we're tight since then,though we had arguement sometimes...but in a glance,
we're hugging each other already...
until you left school, you still keep in touch with me no matter what..
you never gave me up whenever all of them gave me up,
you brag and brag on me on whatever i do,
and sometimes, i might felt... "why she keep on nagging me?"
but in other hand, i know.. deep down you want the best for me..
i love you in every beat of my heart..i truly love you.. from the bottom of my heart.
remember one thing, if there's anything happen to me, please don't blame me okie?
remember everything i do, there's a reason..

su ann,

although we didn't keep in touch that often anymore,
but deep down you're still like a little sister to me,
i care for you,
i dearly love you,
no matter what you do,
i'll always be there for you.


we're buddies,
i'll never forget the times we enjoyed being singles together,
i'll never forget the trips that we went together,
the time that we hang out at LOOK OUT POINT,
drinking and having time of our lifes!
i'm happy that you've found love..
hope you'll always be happy.

poh yee n esther,

poh yee, we're friends since we're 10 years old.. its been 14 years already
true friends no need to talk long as we'll always be there for each other..


you're one of those keeping in touch once in a blue moon,
but it's okie.cos' i'll always remember you...
you're one of those friends that don't really mind of people business those type which i'm really glad to have you as a dear friend.
love you.

Kian @ See Toh

i can't stay mad at you... to be frank, i can't be angry for you,
hope that you know that true friends wont mad at each other..
that's all i have to say to you.
love you.

my friends out there,

there's too many... but i'll mention oni those that close to me..

sting@ai ren- wo ai ni.. you're the bestest friend that i could ever wish for... pls take care of yourself..

elcey- you're in very much alike me in some ways... but i still treat u as my closest bud..

denise- den den, pls dun angry at me at all if i've done something wrong to you..pls forgive me if i'd done wrong okie?? you know that i can't bare to make you misunderstand me or me misunderstand u... there's only few words i can tell u.. that is i want you to know is .. you're always my brother

kham kham- i know you so long dy lar... you're a dear friend to me as well.. the funny things you've done that makes me smile... the things you've done to make my r/s better with thian.. appreciated it alot...

michelle- you're one of those also friends since we're in you always

dylan@leo- sister/brother.... love u always

nana & agnes- both of you are so lovely and you're always people that i look up to

and the rest that i didn't mention, you all have printed your footprints in my heart always and forever....


Pa, Ma, Lester, Leslie, Amanda & my little Anna Jane...

i'm sorry to all of you to make you all worried about me. i've nothing much i can do more but i hope for what i'm not doesn't change a single thing for being your daughter, an younger sister and also an elder sister ..i'm sorry cause i've not done what i've should responsibility...

to my dearest one,

you know who you are,

you came into my life when i was in the darkest place on earth,

you come light up my life with your tender smile,

you held me up and give me courage to love again..

i thank you for giving me the chance to love you,

i thank you that staying beside me..

although you've walked out of my life...

but remember,

i'll always be two steps back behind you,

always ready to catch you whenever you fall..

no matter what,

deep down you're always the queen of my heart,

i wish you well..

to susan,

my lovely zen zen,

you're so much different from others,

you're such angel that sent from above

that came into my life...

you're daring to stand in front of me to protect me

no matter how sad or how hard you take it as easy as it seems.

i thank you sincerely from the hearts

thank you everyone..

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