Wednesday, July 1, 2009


finally!!! my salary is out!! yay! i'm so happy for it.!! i can finally pay off my debts.! hahahhahahahaa!!! but in the other hand, i need to finish all like half of it sigh... to think bout it.. its kinda sad though.. but never mind lar..

what you've loan you have to return lor.. that's the main thing for being pennyless at that time.. sighh! tiring..! on sat im on live.. a bit scary though.. how am i suppose to be prepared?? i'm really afraid.. i hope things goes well !


  1. take it telling u, u wont kelam kabut its a lie!!..U'LL PULL THRU!! As long as you be polite..they'll be waiting for u like forever!!

  2. mich mich... i'm going on live mar... i scare lar... u know it's really scary talking with strangers plus not every account i'm good with though... sobzz... krys... hope things goes well lar..