Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this picture was taken when we first met. Location was in PD.. haha... well the first thing that come across my mind was,"shit... am i really going to meet up a friend which i never met before in PD?"

Eventually things went well lar... haha... well now is like 12.57 am .. working ..tiring.. and plus krystle teoh din look at my blog also...sakit hati oh...
speaking of sakit hati the most is... my salary.... i'm drying out though...i really wish that somehow by end of my working day my salary is out.. i've been owing alot of ppl which i dun want to owe anymore... so let cross fingers and pray that my salary is out! i want to get myself something nice.. haha!!


  1. what is there to see???post so many other people ...nehh..OTHER people picture oso mou ngo fun...aihhh...sum tarm ler...

  2. harlow.. u notice or not that ever since we known each other we dun seems to have each other latest pic lar.... u notice not?? hahahahhaa