Thursday, June 4, 2009


i feel sleepy out of sudden.. this morning chatted with her.. and she told me that her ex owes the bank loan for her car installment for 3 months. At one point i felt very sorry for her, but in other hand i've warn her bout this matter, but cannot believe that she still believes in her so i felt helpless now cos' i can't help much under financial form but i seriously wanted to give her a hand. today i woke up i thought of one thing which is i'm heading to my friend's place to cut my hair. then i thought i'll be using the federal highway so i thought myself "will we bump into each other while driving?" hahaha. how silly i am u know?
anyways, juz for fun though. even if we bumped into each other today, i don't know what reaction that i should give her though. then this morning my boss jabber me and ask me where i am, i told her that im in level 2, then she ask me wanna go for a walk? then i said ok. we went downstairs for a smoke. then krystle joins us but she call me first to ask permission from boss.. hahaha.. then my boss told her come down la... lol then ran down and join our smoking session. then boss asked me to go to our BPO level there and take things from big boss SEC, named anna,when i asked her that boss ask me come over to her place to take things, she gave me a smirk which i felt kinda weird, then went back to her place and gave her the things she asked for. then she asked me, "so did anna gave u any respond?" i told her she oni give me one kind of look. that's it. she told me that actually she told anna that she's sending her twin to take her stuffs. i was like OMG.. then she told me that is what the whole G level is talking about. it's like i'm the bulletin of the month or the year. cos her post in EDS is quite big.. so for someone new like me and came in and slightly look like her.. it's was kinda fun though.. hahaha... hope our r/s will get better as day passes by la.

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