Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Do Not Understand Human Beings

This happened on last friday, which i will make it simple and nice..This incident happen when T wants to pass me dumpling but at the same time S got into a serious accident which I'm freaking out because I do not know how serious is she. Then T asked me on that very same day to meet her up to eat dinner and pass me the dumplings and I told her that I can't meet her that day because I need to rush to see S. I'm worry bout her safety. T then got all furious upon I go to see S first instead of her. It sounds so ridiculous and she sounded that she's a bit jealous. But what is she to jealous for? I do not understand at all. Why on earth she wants to do so? And plus she knows alot of things about me n S which suprised me and until now I don't even know who is the one that is keep on betraying me and such. Which i'm really kinda pissed off when I ask only three of them that knows about S the most. I really hope the person is ST. Because she knows the most among the three. Yesterday i indirectly confront the first one and she seems like although she got mention things bout me to T but not that much. So now left two. The 3rd one don't know much bout me and S and now only narrowed one last which is ST. I seriously hope that she's not the one that betrays me. Cause I hate betrayal among friends and even partners.
So whoever u might be, stop giving my information to T. It's getting on my nerves. Period.

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  1. da jialat meh?? even if T knows bout wat? guys brokeup oledi leh wei..ask T grow up & get a life ler...