Friday, June 12, 2009

after 1 month and 23 days..finally we met

On the 9th of June 2009, i was drinking with my ex colleague at puchong jaya. suddenly my phone msg rang. i took out my phone and found out that it was you that smsed me! i was suprise because the sms mentioning you asking me free or not as u got tickets to watch preview tomorrow which is 10th of June 2009. at one point i was happy and feeling so great cos' u did eventually ask me to watch..but you didn't mention that you want to watch with me or not. then i've asked u, to watch with me since there's 4 tickets available.. i never thought you will think of me first instead of the others. while you've asked me and i confirm you then and there, you called S n E to go but unfortunately they cannot join us then you called K to go, but u didn't mention asking D to go.. i was suprised... then eventually K n D decided to go. On that very day, i was wearing pink but actually i wanted to wear white, which you thought i would wear white, but we wore the same color of t shirts. coincidently! me myself also suprised that we bump into wearing the same color. when you entered my car, i was a bit scared but i'm really glad to see you and the feeling is hard to explain.. i feel like hugging you close to me juz to express how much i misses you.. but i didn't. i don't want you to feel that i'm taking advantage of you so i juz keep it to myself.then you said u wanna take things and asked me to wait a while. suprisingly, you gave me back the keychain which u bought for me at melacca.. i can't believe it! you still remember.. ...

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