Friday, June 19, 2009

My feelings

First time meet you,
My heart pounds fast,
I had butterflies in my tummy,
My palms starting to sweat,
As you walking nearer towards me,
Your smile melts my heart away,
When u approached me,
I feel something beautiful,
I think you're sweet,
I think you're cute,
Each time our eyes met,
I can't take my eyes away from you,
Your scent of your hair,
Gave me a faint right through the brain,
Your soft and tender skin,
Is as soft as silk,
Your lips is kissable,
And cause me wanting to,
Grab you and give you,
a Passionate long kiss,
till you can't breath.
You said,
Your leg aren't as pretty,
As the rest,
But in my eyes,
Everything about you,
Gives me the the perfect girl,
The woman I'm searching for,
The ideal partner i want,
The one i would call my wife,
The companion i want to spend,
The rest of my life with,
I will walk with you,
When you're hurt,
I'll be your wound,
I'll heal so that you won't feel the pain,
When you cry,
I'll be the tissue,
To wipe away all your tears,
When you're angry,
I'll be the clown,
That cheers you up,
Without any hesitation.
When you start to distance me,
I try my best to come closer to you,
When you start to ignore me,
I try my best to entertain you,
When u start to ask me to walk away from you,
I try my best to think,
What i did wrong?
You starting to walk,
Away from me,
Bits by bits,
I was puzzle,
Tried to give you a bear hug,
So that you won't walk away,
But you shooked off my arms,
And gave me the look,
I can't describe the feeling,
But it hurts alot,
You turn your back towards me,
I felt the whole world,
crumbling down,
Slowly my body breaks down,
In the distance,
I saw another shadow,
It's another companion,
In your life,
You found another,
Better and more compatible,
You said to me,
I tried to hide my feelings,
And gave you smile,
Behind my smile,
There's tears,
Deep inside i can hear,
My heart cracking,
And broken,
Into million pieces,
Just like a broken mirror,
I still wish you the best,
I want to make you smile,
I'm not the one for you,
You said,
But the devoted Love,
From me to you,
Remains only for you,
I wake up everyday,
I can't feel you,
Everything is a Routine,
Work and Home,
In my room,
I had flash memories of us,
Ever since you left,
I keep myself,
Away from everyone,
Clubbing, pubs and girls,
I locked myself in the room,
Just to think of you,
Realized that I can't,
Trying so hard,
The memories of US,
Is getting lesser and lesser,
My brain is deleting,
Every single thing about us,
Deep down inside my heart,
I still miss you,
Wanting you to be back,
by my side,
I'm waiting for my darling,
My sweetheart,
My wife,
My partner,
My companion,
Just to be back,
And save me from the dark,
That i've been keeping myself in
I will not go away,
I'm still standing here,
To wait for you.
Please come back.

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