Friday, June 26, 2009

The more i concern, the more you unconcern..

the more i care for you,

the more you neglect me,

the more i miss you,

the more you don't miss me,

that's why the more i concern about you,

the more you don't need my concern,

now i leave you alone,

you need my attention,

tell me what you want me to do,

when i can only leave you,

and let you find your own way to,

bring yourself to happiness.

don't count on me,

as i'm not qualified,

you said that,

and now i'm feeling much more confidence,

without you i hope that,

i can gain back what i've lost,

i can bring more joy without you,

trust me,

it's your lost for giving me up,

as you don't know what i'm capable of.

the more i concern,

the more you unconcern,

think about it.

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