Thursday, June 4, 2009

It been three weeks

Well, here i am again to conteng my blog. Okay it has been like almost three weeks now since i've started this job. So at the moment i know things and the enviroment of this company is quite comfy and my post actually is not that hard as i thought and frankly speaking it's kinda free time job as i'm only working for a backup for all 9 account.. Phew..! thank god for that. And actually i can make alot of friends here..
Which is a good thing though, what to do? Oh by the way, first month working salary will be out by next week! woohoo!! i'm happy, cause i can pay off my debts from bank, friends and family..glad bout that.. and one more thing is to thank someone special la. if no her means no me dy in EDS. thank you Krystle Teoh.
haha,..... p.s : if there is any ketidakpuashatian, pls leave a comment ok slut!?

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