Thursday, July 16, 2009

trouble sleeping

sigh, i'm having problem with my stupid sleeping disorder...since last week, can't even sleep well..not even well. Few days straight, can't sleep at all! what the heck! And my dark circles is getting worst, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, every single spot of my body also pain. first i tried with coughing syrup, then flu pills, then i asked from a "friend" of mine how to get sleeping pills, which phamacy needs doctor's description then only can purchase. finally can get but not much..eventually i really can dozed off but the problem is like dead sleeping i don't know what is happening around me. then when i woke up it feels like HELL! which heavy headaches... OMG body is weak... sigh.... i tried not to have the sleeping pills again but then problem is cannot sleep at all and although my eyes are tired but i can't keep my eyes shut! HELP!!

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